Step by Step Instructions to Pick a Badminton Racket

One of the most obvious and common questions which every badminton player will ask is what are the things that he needs to consider if he wants to buy a Badminton racquet. Simply picking a racquet in a jiffy is never a good idea. There are a couple of areas that one needs to pay attention to prior to picking a racquet. These are as follows,

  • Choose the right brand- Today the market is filled with countless badminton brands ranging from LiNing, Head, Carlton, Victor, Wilson and Yonex. Although all brands are good, but it is always best to check which will fit one’s budget and then buy accordingly. It is also good to read customer reviews prior to deciding the brand
  • Check the weight- Always check the weight of the racquet prior to investing in it. One should not go with the dictum that a heavy racket will generate more power. A badminton player should always buy a racquet that he can hold and play with comfortably
  • Consider the racket’s weight distribution- Badminton rackets generally are of 3 types, namely head heavy, even balanced and head light. The head heavy style is more powerful compared to the head light racket. Yet it is offset via the slower racquet head speed. For singles a badminton player may prefer a head heavy racquet while for doubles they will prefer even balanced and head light rackets. In fact, even balance rackets indeed are ideal both for singles and doubles alike.
  • Strings- High strings have better power and control. Professionals use string tensions that are stronger than 26lbs while for an amateur player tensions amid 23-26lbs should be sufficient
  • Grips- When it comes to grip, it is available in three types- G3, 4 and 5. It is the G3 size that is the most widely used. For those who are new to this field, G3 is bigger than 4 and 5. G4 grip is also a good choice as the player can increase the size of the grip by adding their favorite grip type devoid of taking the original grip off

To select an ideal badminton racket for the first time can be a daunting task. This is something really individual. Not all players have the same style of playing. Before selecting a racquet the player should ask him/herself as to whether they desire in playing a game of control or power as they cannot have both in a single racket. Here the key is the player should feel that the racket that they select is right for their style that is their physical build as well as the way they swing the racket. Simply follow the aforementioned step by step instructions when you decide to buy a badminton racket and you will definitely not go wrong. Enjoy the game of badminton with all your heart by holding the right racquet in your hand. Although the racquet plays an important part, but it will only make you a good player if you get used to exactly what you have.